Find the Right Used Ford Parts for Your Vehicle

Keeping your car in good working order over the long term will require a trustworthy source of used Ford parts. Whether you're driving an old Falcon or you're learning how to undertake "do it yourself" maintenance for the first time, Ford parts wreckers might be a frequent resource you consult. What if you could find the genuine Ford parts you need, for yourself or your clients, without the need to scour junkyards for components to pick and pull? With Affordable PartsWorld, you can reserve that frustrating and tedious work for the most obscure old parts. Our well-built online shop has everything you need to get started with finding the right components for repair, modification, or upgrade. Consider when our service is the right choice for you, then explore more about what you need to know when shopping with us online.

Signs You Should Invest in Second-Hand Ford Car Parts

Why shop for used parts instead of trying to track down a brand-new OEM item? There are many good reasons to invest time looking for aftermarket parts instead. Look for some of the following signs that say a service such as ours would be the right choice for meeting your needs:

  • > You have an unusual repair to make. Automobiles are complex machines, especially today. As a result, they often have dozens of obscure components that only fail after a very long time. Finding these specific items, particularly for older models, can be very difficult. We strive to make it easier to locate these components.
  • > You are a mechanic looking for a way to offer customers more cost-effective repairs. Not everyone can afford brand new parts, and automotive upkeep is an expense many families can't afford. We provide a resource for mechanics by offering more options.
  • > You know you will need a particular part again in the future. Quickly and easily stock up on the parts you need, especially if you think they will become rarer in the future.

The Benefits of Aftermarket Ford Parts from Affordable PartsWorld

So you've decided that looking for Ford parts from used vehicles is the right path for you — why come to Affordable PartsWorld to do it? When you consider the

  • • We don't charge any additional fees for purchasing through our website. Unlike shopping for auto parts on services such as TradeMe, prices on Affordable PartsWorld follow the simple principle of "what you see is what you get."
  • • We've made it easier than ever to find parts even for very specific makes and models. Whenever possible, we also provide photographs of the pieces in question so you can see what you're purchasing before you buy.
  • • You can be sure you're seeing the most up-to-date prices possible when using our site. We refresh our prices and add new parts every hour, so there is always something new to find — and better prices to enjoy. Check back often if you don't immediately see the part you need or let us know if we can help you with sourcing.

Problems You Can Address with Ford Aftermarket Parts

What kind of Ford used car parts can you expect to find when searching our inventory, and what could you do with them? Take a moment to think about the types of hardware provided and some of the most common ways our customers use them to implement cost-effective fixes.

  • • Failed starters. One of the most typical vehicle faults, the loss of the starter can be very frustrating and expensive to fix. A functional second-hand unit takes care of the job with ease.
  • • Smashed headlamps. This pervasive problem often doesn't warrant a brand-new light fixture. Instead, a used unit with proper cleaning will deliver the performance drivers need. We have headlamps for many Ford models.
  • • Damaged internal engine components. We occasionally even have complete engine blocks for vehicles which have suffered from massive failures. From fans and belts to valves and pistons, we have the full range of parts.
  • • Cosmetic damage to the vehicle interior. We stock a wide range of interior components, from dials and knobs to complete vehicle interiors with seats included. No part is too small or obscure for us to stock.

Common Mistakes to Avoid with Used Wheels

Wheels are one type of product we frequently sell, mainly because they are much less expensive purchased used than brand new. However, it is important to avoid some typical mistakes buyers often make when searching for and buying wheels. Watch out for these pitfalls.

  • • Choose the right diameter. Measure the diameter of the other wheels on the car and purchase one to match. Some vehicles have trim levels that use differently sized wheels from the base models. Don't buy a wheel that turns out to be inches bigger than your others.
  • • Make sure the bolt pattern will match the axle of your vehicle. Some wheels use different bolt patterns, and it is vital to ensure they align with the mounting bolts on your car. Usually, our rego check is enough to ensure compatibility between parts.
  • • Think about materials. While you may not necessarily care about matching the wheel to the others on the vehicle, not all wheels use the same metal types. Some are stronger than others, while some are subject to warping and bending during hard impacts. Don't mistakenly buy a wheel that isn't suitable for your type of driving.

A Short Buyer's Guide to Our Ford Car Parts

Using our site to find the pickup parts or van parts you need is easy. We've seen the setups some others apply on the Internet. They're clunky, difficult to use and leave you spending hours looking at unrelated and unimportant parts. Here's how to have a better experience using our site.

  • • Gather all the information you can about the part you need. Knowing your part number can prove very helpful in confirming you've selected the right component. Do your research first.
  • • Plug your make and model into our part finder, then search for more specific parts with our category and subcategory listings. Use these tools to narrow down your search to include only the types of parts you want to browse.
  • • Add your selected parts to your cart and begin the checkout process. We'll perform a quick rego check on your vehicle to ensure that you've chosen components that you can use with that specific model. Once you've finished, place your order — it's that simple.

Tips for Getting More Value from Ford Car Parts in NZ

How can you make sure that the money you use to purchase your parts is well-spent? Determining that you have the right component before you buy is a key step, but we have a few other tips for extracting the most value from your purchase of Ford used parts.

  • • Invest in professional installation. If you aren't a mechanic yourself, it might be wise to leave the job of tricky part installation to the pros, so you avoid creating more problems than you solve.
  • • Avoid sites that charge unnecessary fees. Remember, the price we offer is the price you pay — no hidden extras.
  • • When in doubt, ask for help. We're always happy to double-check to make sure you have the right idea about what you're buying.

What to Expect from Affordable PartsWorld Regarding Ford Second-hand Parts

When you purchase from us, we hope to deliver grade-A customer service, prompt shipment, and more to make your experience as smooth as possible. When you work with us to stock up on the parts you need, here's what to anticipate:

  • • Prompt service upon the completion of your purchase. We don't like to keep our customers waiting for the parts they may need for an urgent repair. As soon as we receive your order, we go to work on processing it for you. We aim to achieve a fast turnaround on all orders.
  • A money-back guarantee. We stand by the quality of the parts we've picked for sale, providing a reliable way to source cheaper components. If something fails due to defective workmanship, we have you covered. We're happy to do swaps on parts or simply offer a refund when necessary. We put our customers first.

About Affordable PartsWorld

We got out start back in 1999 — so we have more than two decades of experience in sourcing and selling Ford genuine parts, plus parts for other popular manufacturers, such as Holden. We know what to look for, and we know how to ensure that our customers have the best chance of enjoying value from their purchase. Find out more about our warranty against defective parts or start shopping for the parts you need today. Remember, we're updating our stock all the time.

Need help or have questions to explore before you buy a part? Contact us for friendly assistance.