Keep Your Favourite Vehicle Running with Our Ford Falcon Parts

No one wants to get rid of their old, favourite vehicle, especially if they can buy Ford Falcon parts so that it can stay on the road. Our team proudly supplies all the Ford and Holden parts you could need to keep driving your favourite old car. Choose Affordable PartsWorld today and always have access to the spare parts you need.


Products We Can Provide if You Need Falcon Car Parts

There are many parts needed to keep a car in working order and it can be hard to find the precise parts you need when your car acts up. While we have a huge catalogue of parts, why not consider the following commonly sought-after Ford Falcon spare parts:

  • - Many people underestimate how easy it is to find a replacement door for your car. Whether you have scratches, dents, or damage that you cannot repair, we can help you find a spare door for your Falcon in no time. All you will have to do is provide the year of your Falcon so that we can scan our inventory and get back to you.

  • - We have entire second-hand engines available. One of the most common reasons people stop driving their beloved old cars is because their engine acts up. Many people don’t know that they can buy entire engines second-hand to help them fix their car. We can provide the right engine based on your vehicle’s make, model, and year number so that you can get back behind the steering wheel.

  • - We have transmission gearboxes available. As we all know, the longer you drive with a faulty gearbox, the higher the chances of it breaking entirely. This breakage can do significant damage to the car and can result in an accident if it happens on the road. Make sure that your gearbox works as intended and get a replacement from us if necessary.

  • - If you are looking for Ford Falcon suspension parts, we can help. A faulty suspension will make any drive uncomfortable and will make you notice changes in the road that you normally would not. Other signs of a faulty suspension include the vehicle pulling to one particular side when you drive, specific corners of the vehicle sitting lower than others, or general difficulty steering. If you have any of these problems, get in touch with us so that we can get you a replacement part right away.

  • - If your car works fine, but the interior needs some work, why not consider all our interior parts? We have headrests, seats, radios, and much more. While everyone else will see the exterior of your vehicle, the interior should be your comfort space while driving. It is difficult to enjoy driving your favourite vehicle when the interior needs serious work, so why not consider our interior replacement parts for your Falcon before taking it out on the road again.

  • - Other common BA Falcon parts we can supply include lights. Driving without lights is extremely dangerous, and you should always make sure your lights work. If they do not, you should get them fixed as soon as possible. We understand that finding the right lights for your old Falcon might be difficult elsewhere, but luckily, we have a big variety of stock. Keep the road ahead of you well lit and keep your rear lights working so the people behind you can better see what you are doing.

  • - If your Falcon cannot start anymore, it’s not going anywhere. We can provide you with starters so that you can hear the hum of your engine once again. We have starters for different Falcon generations, so remember to look carefully and make sure you choose the right one.


A History of the Ford Falcon and its Parts in NZ

You might sometimes wonder why getting Falcon parts is such a tricky business, and it all comes down to the history of the vehicle. Here are some interesting facts about the Falcon’s history:

  • - The Ford Falcon – a front-engine, rear-drive car – was produced by Ford from 1959 to 1970. It initially had massive success and outsold many competitors almost immediately. One of the perks of the Falcon was that it came in many different forms. It had a two-door and four-door options among its body configurations as a sedan, wagon, hardtop, convertible, sedan delivery, and Ranchero.

  • - Initially, the manufacturing of these cars took place in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, and Mexico. This manufacturing allowed the cars to be available in many different parts of the world but would ultimately mean that finding reliable parts would become harder and harder the further away you were from one of these countries.

  • - The Ford Falcon had three generations throughout its lifetime. The first ran from 1960 – 1963. The second ran from 1964 – 1965, and the third ran from 1966 – 1970. The different generations also – to some extent – require different spare parts. We have Ford Falcon parts online for all three generations available to make sure you get what you need.

  • - The first time Ford advertised the Falcon, they did so with the beloved characters from the Peanuts animated cartoon. This advertising deal ran from 1960 to 1965, and during this time many advertisements were using the beloved characters.


A Short Buyer’s Guide for Ford Falcon Car Parts

When you plan to buy Ford Falcon aftermarket parts, it is always crucial that you get a supplier you can trust, and that you do the necessary research. Research starts with making sure that you know what is wrong with your vehicle. You can do this by having someone knowledgeable inspect the problems you experience. While there are many available resources that can help you identify potential problems, do not be too quick to accept information. Vehicular problems can manifest in many different ways, and without a second opinion, you might end up replacing a part just to have the same problem still afterwards.

So, once you know precisely which part of the vehicle causes problems, consider giving us a call. We will always be the supplier you can trust because we stand by every part we sell. If it turns out that the part does not work as intended, we will swap it out, refund it, or do anything else in our power to make sure you still get what you need. There is nothing more important to us than customer satisfaction.

The next time you need replacement Falcon parts in NZ, give us a call or use our easy-to-navigate website to find the parts you need.