We Make Used Ford Focus Parts Accessible Throughout New Zealand

As a franchise of PartsWorld, Affordable PartsWorld aims to supply used car parts, including Ford Focus parts, that are still in good condition. This means usable car parts don’t go to waste and customers can keep their cars running without having to buy new parts, this helps for older cars where it is more difficult to find new parts.


Benefits of Affordable PartsWorld

We make it easier to source and buy used parts that are still in excellent to good condition for various models of Bentleys, Fords, Holdens, and Porsches. We have a store based in Henderson, New Zealand, but with our online store, we have made used car parts accessible to a wider customer base, accepting payment via debit or credit cards and bank transfers, and offering delivery nationwide in NZ.

  • – With our online store, you create a profile that makes return shopping so much easier. You can save items to your wishlist and come back later to finalise your purchase.
  • – We’ve made searching for parts easy with filters to narrow selections down by make, model, year, category, and subcategory.
  • – Our online store stock availability we update on an hourly basis (during working hours), ensuring that the latest available products, prices, and descriptions are always reflecting.


What You Can Expect from Affordable PartsWorld Regarding Focus Parts in New Zealand

You will find various Ford model parts on our online site, including Focus parts that we can deliver to any part of NZ within two to four working days after order confirmation and receipt of payment. You can expect all Focus model parts to be in good condition.

  • – Majority of our parts are under warranty; proof of purchase is a requirement for the consideration of any warranty claims. Do lodge a claim as soon as discovered. Refer to our site for specifics pertaining to warranties on the various parts we sell.
  • – Along with the standard parts such as lights, doors, seatbelts, and roof panels, we also stock engine parts, entire second-hand engines, transmission parts, and transmission gearboxes for a variety of the Focus ranges.
  • – We offer you the comfort of shopping at your convenience on a site that makes it easy to search for all Focus parts from different dropdown options. Should you not find what you are looking for, you can leave a message on the site, and one of our friendly staff members will get back to you by the next business day.


About Affordable PartsWorld

Having been in the used parts business for over 20 years, we have found that our services are in need throughout New Zealand and have opened our online store, offering the same reliable and prompt service as experienced by in-store shoppers. We stock parts for all models of Fords, Bentleys, Holdens, and Porsches, all of which can be easily searched by category, brand, or part.

Visit our online store and start shopping for all your used Focus parts in NZ. Can’t find what you need or struggling with the specifics of a part, contact us and we’ll help you source the part.